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Starbucks in The Esplanade
740 N Collier Blvd
Marco Island FL, 34145
Store Manager: Evelyn Caban-Nuno
Phone: (239) 389-5712

Home brewing to perfection

Brewing equipment, recipes and tips of the trade The Starbucks Annual Brewing Sale, now in our stores, makes this an ideal time to spruce up your home café. Along with our online guide that walks you through every step of the brewing process, we have everything you need to create your favorite Starbucks specialties.

Find all the specifications you're looking for on any of our brewing equipment below.

Newest machine for 2004 Our most advanced machine yet. Not only does it grind, dose, tamp, pull shots, and clean up all by itself, but it also has a number of programmable features that let you set the coarseness of your coffee grind, select the amount and temperature of your espresso shots and much more. It has a digital read-out notifying you when to add water or coffee beans, empty the dump box, etc.... This savvy machine is accompanied by a DVD with instructions and drink recipes.

Crema de la crème Espresso-at-home has become easier and more flavorful with our Starbucks Barista® brewing technology and the wonders of Saeco® designed exclusively to our specifications. We offer a high level of convenience and flexibility in espresso machines that help create a great espresso shot with a rich crema. All of our espresso machines are accompanied with an instructional how-to-brew video or DVD.

The big brouhaha Our roomiest, programmable top-of-the-line coffeemaker brews 12-cups (60 fl. oz.) at a time. Its double-walled carafe insulates the freshly brewed coffee and protects the flavor for up to five hours (as there's no heating element to burn the coffee). Simply program the coffeemaker the night before and wake up to a fresh brew in the morn. The stainless steel housing creates a durable machine; lo and behold, the permanent filter and auto-pause sensor (allows you to pour a cup midstream, if you can't wait) are a couple more convenient features. The machine has an auto-shut-off feature post brew.

Breaking it down We advise everyone brewing, pulling or pushing their coffee to grind it freshly before each cup. Here are the best tools for grinding beans - along with our signature blender that gets down-to-business with ice.

Start here with each brew For the freshest results, grind coffee beans every time you brew. Our stainless steel grinder's sloped chamber spins the coffee beans as it grinds for consistent contact with the blade and an even grind. The bean chamber holds enough for a whole pot of coffee.

Starbucks in Marco invites you
to a brewing machine demo of your lifetime:

When: Saturday, April 2nd, 2005 and Saturday, April 9th, 2005
Where: Starbucks in Marco
Time: 9am - 1pm

Starbucks in the Esplanade is currently hiring Baristas, Shift Supervisors and Assistant Managers. Phone: (239) 389-5712

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