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Artist Colony at the Esplanade

17 artists in 3 locations
Portside Studio
Rightside Studios
Waterfront Gallery

Three studio/galleries, Portside Studio, Rightside Studios, and Waterfront Gallery now house working fine artists. The artists include painters, a coolage/assemblage artist, a photographer, a concrete artist, a potter, and a digital artist. The work they create is available for your viewing pleasure and for purchase. Several of the artists will be happy to create a special work of art just for you.

Bring your friends, meet someone special, or just come walk the galleries and talk with the artists. You'll soon have a favorite, or two, or three. Perhaps you'll become a collector.

at The Esplanade
740-760 North Collier Blvd.
Hours :
Wed & Friday, 11-7
Thursdays 11-8
Saturdays 11-4

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amidst the
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